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The problem

Product development requires deep customer research and interviews. While useful, these broadcast your possible intentions to the market, providing useful information to competitors. The decentralized web3 space is very small and information moves fast. Tactical information gathering is extremely difficult.

The Solution, DeerCreek Strategy

We spend 100% of our time in crypto and fintech. We don’t have 10 verticals and aren’t spread thin. Our team is laser focused and plugged in. With our diverse team at the intersection of finance and technology, we provide a window into this new and developing ecosystem.


We partner with next-generation fintech, cloud banking platforms, and AI companies to help you solve your most challenging data problems and maximize revenue.We cover most of the financial tech stack:

Inst. DeFi
Financial Institutions​
Private Equity / Hedge Funds
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For Enterprise and Institutions
Growth Strategy

We help design scalable processes to work with  startups or emerging technologies across fintech, regtech, insurtech, and AI/ML.

UX, Presentations

Develop project mockups, slide decks, data and research projects, and UX interfaces. We work with our clients to deliver on tight deadlines with outstanding quality

Sourcing and Procurement

Source new datasets, specific technology solutions, and products. Use our team to extend your reach deep into the emerging AI/ML, and blockchain ecosystems.

Project Management

We know how frustrating it is to coordinate strategic projects while operating your core business. We bring seasoned industry experts and a vetted team so you can focus on outcomes rather than minutia.

For Crypto and Web3 Startups
Your A-team

We help emerging crypto startups develop their long-term strategy to market domination. We do this well and have a track record to prove it.

Business Model Strategy

With our experience in the industry, we help your company craft new product models, pricing, mockups, presentations, and go to market strategy.