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We work with the crypto finance community to create new financial products

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The problem

For crypto lenders, the cost of capital is high and there are limited options for growth. Further, crypto lenders, funds, miners, staking pools, and infrastructure providers have not been presented with the products they need to hedge their risk and free up capital.

The Solution, New Products

DeerCreek is a link between the world of institutional finance and crypto. Whether you are an institutional firm looking for new high yield credit instruments or a crypto finance company looking for ways to grow with new products, DeerCreek can help.

Crypto collateralized credit facility
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Dark pool auction protocol
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For Crypto Companies
Unlock capital, hedge risk

DeerCreek is purpose-built to impact the crypto-finance community. We work side-by-side with established exchanges, investors, and institutions to offer the financial tools the industry needs to hedge risk and grow.

Grow your business

As crypto matures, so should your growth strategy. Work with us to find opportunity and build your business with innovative new products.

Investor Relations

DeerCreek creates communication campaigns to build awareness of your platform. Work with us to create the pitch materials, including copy, media, and modeling.

Crypto Funds
Venture Capital
Private Equity
Hedge Fund
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Why Choose DeerCreek
Specialized team

DeerCreek’s core experience is new venture, fintech, banking, and crypto. With a lean team and vast network, we are able to navigate the space with maturity and leverage our expertise nimbly. We witnessed the birth of Ethereum and decentralized finance and have dedicated our careers to serving the crypto finance industry to advance open access to financial tools.

Specialized focus

Our Capital business is focused on new product development and all aspects of improved capital access for the crypto finance industry. We bring our extensive experience in crypto and finance to bear so you don’t have to spend the time assembling ad hoc teams or engaging with legacy providers who don’t understand the space.