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DeerCreek is the premier business development, sales, and consulting partner for top foundations and startups in the web3 space

Our process to enhance go-to-market

Our team takes a tactical approach to fact finding and obtaining what is needing to identify a market need. We are unafraid to test a thesis and hone in on a kernel of real value. 


We focus on underdeveloped functions within huge markets. We do our due diligence and collect primary research to determine a timely market sizing.


We qualify the initial value proposition with customers and conduct structured interviews to validate initial interest from potential buyers and partners. We run some of this data against a few bare-bones business models as an initial gut-check to viability.

Customer value prop

After initial testing and gut check, we refine the customer value proposition, encourage critical feedback from the market, and start willingness to pay research.

Product features

As an output of testing customer value propositions, we being to narrow down product features that would help achieve solving core problems for customers.

User journey

We identify user profiles, refine care-abouts, and map out user experience from initial onboarding to full product use, drawing on our feedback from customer interviews.

Business model

With the product-customer fit in mind, we help early projects hone their business model to achieve best fit


Sometimes technology is the selling point, sometimes the project simply needs to be broken down in plain English. We can guide this process and help you move fast to get to more deals


Armed with the above data and market feedback, we go after the best partners, collaborators, and customers to help you kickstart your business

Lean, mean, partnership machine

Lean and efficient, our team guides projects to the best partnerships and executes quickly.

Why is it best to use DeerCreek?

We jumpstart your business - simply put, you can't always hire a team quickly with the amount of experience we can bring from day one.

Who do we serve?

We work with highly vetted startups in the crypto space to take them to the next level in their business. We will also work with foundations and fintech cross-over firms.

What is the structure of an engagement?

We engage in 3 steps. Initially, we vet the team and product to ensure we align with the long term vision. Next, we engage in a 3-month trial to show the project how much we can do quickly. Further, we engage in 6-12-month contracts to ensure we can keep the project moving, hire and train and business development team for you, and set up it for success after the engagement is over.

How deep is your team? Who will we work with daily?

We have set up DeerCreek to be lean and efficient - we staff 1-3 people per project, and bring internal technical talent should we need to supplement the business team. We don't believe in wasting time or staffing junior associates on projects alone and so we are highly selective with the projects we work with.