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The problem

The world of fintech moves fast and is difficult to follow. Large fintech vendors are overpriced and underserving their customers by holding them back to legacy technology, long contracts, and inflexible products.

The Solution, DeerCreek Enterprise

We help CTOs navigate to better tools, avoid single vendor risk, and obtain flexible subscription-based SaaS stacks. Work with DeerCreek Enterprise to implement your new fintech stack to renovate your core banking software, digital cash management and treasury, trade finance, or underwriting processes.


We partner with next-generation fintech, cloud banking platforms, and AI companies to help you solve your most challenging data problems and maximize revenue.We cover most of the financial tech stack:

Open Banking
Financial Analytics
Data feeds and API
Digital Payments
Digital Cash Management
Cloud-based Software
Financial Risk Monitoring
Supply Chain Finance
Software Partners

DeerCreek partners wtih emerging software companies and best of breed IT providers to provide CTOs with a single point of contact for all fintech related technology deployments.

And more...

Fintech specialists without the price tag

We will support your team in selecting the best automation technology products and solutions. Work with our solution architects and implementation  teams specialized in fintech and blockchain to ensure products are supported and projects go as planned.