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We build businesses at the intersection of finance and technology

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We are on a mission to close the divide between traditional finance and Web3. We believe that transparent and efficient financial systems can bring economic prosperity to more people and improve quality of life. This mission involves helping society move to new financial rails, systems, and platforms to eliminate waste and empower the individual.

We've worked with leading protocol and projects
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TQ Tezos
TQ is leveraging technology to build tools and experiences on the Tezos blockchain. DeerCreek worked with TQ to conduct deep market research, develop use cases, and conduct client and partner interviews with top financial institutions, banks, and emerging startups.
HBAR Foundation
The HBAR Foundation acts as an integrated force multiplier to help builders and creators overcome the challenges of bringing their ideas to market. DeerCreek worked with Hedera to set up the foundation, organize the funds, and conduct deep market research. DeerCreek also works with the fund on top use-cases, grant execution, and due diligence.
Secure, cross-chain communication for Web3. DeerCreek worked with Axelar to build its initial presence, building out partnerships with major industry players like Circle and more. We helped build and train the business development team to set the firm up for success.
A BTC layer for smart contracts. DeerCreek worked closely with the foundation to prepare use-cases for the Stacks 2.0 launch, mainly focusing on real world asset use cases.
DARMA Capital
Digital asset risk management advisors. DeerCreek worked with DARMA on projects including VaultLink, a turnkey SaaS solution enabling banks to provide digital asset services in a regulatory-compliant manner.
Spurce is building the open-source stack to leave control of identity and data where it should be: with users. DeerCreek helped Spruce pre-seed in aligning their public facing materials with their value proposition. Spruce went on to raise it's $34m series A from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz.
Secure and Private Collaboration for Blockchains and Beyond. DeerCreek helped Ligero in its formative days, providing partnership and product consultation. The firm has gone on to work with governement as well as the private sector with their state of the art multi-party computation protocol.
Intain provides digitally enabled structured finance solutions. DeerCreek worked with Intain to build their initial pitch materials and story, which helped them go on to onboard mortgage industry giants like WSFS and add >$4bn in assets being serviced on-chain.
Leading platform for private credit transactions. DeerCreek worked with Finitive on partnerships and business development initiatives.

Our model is a flywheel designed around 4 key services. Think of us like a hybrid corporate development, incubator, and expert network to supplement your team.


We are the outsourced business development muscle for many projects and foundations. We are leaders in the space and plug our projects into the best opportunities.


DeerCreek is a link between the world of institutional finance and crypto. If you are an institutional firm seeking to find or recruit crypto startups or talent, we are your go-to source.


Work with DeerCreek Enterprise to implement a new crypto-driven fintech stack. Whether it's building stablecoin-powered financial tools or to entering institutional DeFi, we can help.


We work with financial institutions and crypto companies on tactical growth initiatives. From product research and modeling to strategic planning and execution, work with DeerCreek to make your next project come to life. 

Our Edge
Business development

We have spent years in the trenches to build our relationships and network so that our clients can access the best crypto has to offer

DeFi builders

DeerCreek builds new DeFi and Institutional DeFi projects / primitives to help increase the availability of financial tools for all

Blockchain natives

Our team has worked on DLT initiatives for exchanges, banks, funds, and financial technology companies. We work with top foundations and technologies to advance their ecosystems

Traditional finance experience

We leverage more than two decades of combined experience in fintech, new venture, banking, and private equity as well as the networks that come with it

Experienced fintech PRODUCT BUILDERS
DeerCreek Leadership

Managing Partner

Michael is a business development professional with 10+ years across fintech, digital assets, and entrepreneurial ventures. Michael has sourced and evaluated fintech investment opportunities for ConsenSys Capital, managed go-to-market for influential startups in the space and supported forensic trade reconstruction analytics for some of the largest banks while at Bloomberg.

Managing Partner

Pelli brings 16+ years in investment management, private equity, venture capital, and new venture finance. Pelli ran business development and partnerships for ConsenSys Capital, the investment and advisory arm of the firm’s global venture production studio. Pelli also led venture investments and partnerships for SeedInvest, an early pioneer in equity crowdfunding.