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Innovation isn’t a “state-of-mind” and “design thinking” isn’t going to execute itself. DeerCreek mitigates single-vendor risk by bringing an entire team and vetted network of seasoned project managers, product designers, developers and infrastructure providers

Our process

Our team takes a tactical approach to fact finding and obtaining what is needing to identify a market need. We are unafraid to test a thesis and hone in on a kernel of real value. 


We focus on underdeveloped functions within huge markets. We do our due diligence and collect primary research to determine a timely market sizing.


We qualify the initial value proposition with customers and conduct structured interviews to validate initial interest from potential buyers and partners. We run some of this data against a few bare-bones business models as an initial gut-check to viability.

Customer value prop

After initial testing and gut check, we refine the customer value proposition, encourage critical feedback from the market, and start willingness to pay research.

Product features

As an output of testing customer value propositions, we being to narrow down product features that would help achieve solving core problems for customers.

User journey

We identify user profiles, refine care-abouts, and map out user experience from initial onboarding to full product use, drawing on our feedback from customer interviews.

Business model

With the product-customer fit in mind, we build on our early work to fill out a potential business model and initial MVP pricing strategy to test.


To enable the build, we take a technology agnostic approach and let the desired features help inform the technology stack.

Team and go to market

While we start thinking about the team early, we first shore up our market entry plans, rank order ideal scenarios and set expectations around realistic timelines to MVP. The initial team that we put together with your firm will be tasked with landing partnerships and finding the easiest path to market with a clear definition of success.

Lean, mean, venture machine

Lean and efficient aren’t words you frequently hear paired with venture but we think staying lean allows for more time to iterate and more early pivots provide a better shot at product market fit.

Why is now the best time to venture?

We are at a crossroads. Money will be natively digital within a decade and breakout technology is enabling inroads into traditionally walled gardens. It’s time to get ahead, be agile, and put new projects in play that keep your enterprise competitive.

Who do we serve?

We build products side-by-side with enterprises, technology companies, banks, and institutional clients. Our team is focused on the intersection of finance and technology and has spent over a decade working on pioneering initiatives from equity crowd funding to tokenized securities.

What is the structure of an engagement?

We follow a rigorous lean startup model to create opportunties for product market fit. DeerCreek can be hired as a tactical operations team on a project, as a Joint Venture partner, or with a completely custom structure to ensure incentives are aligned. We prefer to work collaboratively and closely with your in-house teams.

How deep is your production team?

We have spent years building relationships with the best developers and technologists so that you don’t have to go through the pain of vetting vendors. We have 120 developers on our bench, are agnostic to tech and combine the best of DLT, AI/ML, and product design to execute our process.